• This was as far as I got with the edits/mixes before it got canned, but it was still a hell of a lot of fun to work on!
    It features the sound of me tappin’ away on the very same @ikea_australia salad bowl that previously produced the sound of a flying electro-fish in The Fisherman by the amazing @lukejacksaunders ).
    Channeling my inner #benburtt I also whipped out an ancient AM radio and an underused skipping rope.
    NB: The old washing machine and sliding bathroom door also deserve honourable mentions. .
    A big thanks to @lawrencegreenwood for helping to pull some of the more hi-fi drum sounds.
    And an even bigger thanks to @anita_lesterfor letting me hijack the recording time 🙂 .
    Creative via @byclear
    Thanks @saxall for giving me a crack. .
    #sounddesign #foley #music #percussion#synchronisation #recording #soundlibrary#protools #animation #mixing #imix #psa .
    #humblebrag .
    Warning: There are probably a few more of these never-saw-the-light-of-day kinds of things that I might just awaken from their cosy graves.
    Perhaps it’s better they collect their dust here rather than staying boxed up in ever-more-obsolete hard drives.
  • #warnerbrothers must also be thanked for their decades worth of magnificent sound,
    as must the nation of #newzealand for having beautiful birds with angelic singing voices.
  • Also the #yamaha PSR-150 🙏