Two versions of a Showcase ‘ident’ made for Sound Design for Digital Media at RMIT [2016]

A local Melbourne act recorded and mixed as part of a group project at RMIT [2015]


“Bare-Minimum Benny” was created with Sam Foote for a Swinburne University assignment. Performed by Sam Foote and Ed Crocker. Mixed (unmastered) and edited by Ed Crocker.

“LAN Party” was a shed demo including performances from Will Morrissey, Clio Renner and Ed Crocker. Written by Will Morrissey and Ed Crocker. Mixed (unmastered) by Ed Crocker. [2015]

“TJ” was created for a Logic assignment whose criteria included the use of a vocal sample and Pro Tools Vacuum [2015]. Written and performed (minus the vocal sample) by Ed Crocker.


“The Bridge” by Sagamore  and “Shark Bell” by Crepes were recorded for assignments at RMIT. Sagamore track mixed by Leigh Bacchetti and Ed Crocker. Mix and guest drum performance on Crepes track by Ed Crocker. Thanks to these brilliant Melbourne bands for very generously suffering through the group-project recording process.


Excerpt from Idiot Box [1996] stripped of audio and replaced with foley and dialogue performed and recorded by Ed Crocker and Leigh Bacchetti. Sync and mix by Ed Crocker. [2014]

Excerpt from Contact [1997] re-scored for an exercise in accreditation. Criteria included use of music from a genre of your choice. [2014]

Excerpt from Spider-Man [2002] re-designed using online sound libraries

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