Three Dots

A short film made as a group project as part of Digital Media Studio at RMIT Saigon South in Vietnam [2016].

Created by:
Huynh Thuy Vi
Vo Huy Hung
Pham Anh Khoa
Ly Ta Dat
Pham Duc Anh
Phung Ti Nhat Vy
Ed Crocker

English script, final video edit, and subtitle assistance by Ed Crocker

Sound design, foley, dialogue editing (not dialogue recording) and mix by Ed Crocker

Music “Mephisto Theme” by Ed Crocker

Percussion, đàn bầu and đàn nhị performed and recorded by Ed Crocker


This is the video file that was submitted for screening and was mixed to compensate for the sonic/system inadequacies of a very specific room.

Like most assignments, this was a race to the finish so multiple unpolished elements remain.


makeshift vocal booth for additional dialogue recording
makeshift echo chamber for performance of stringed instruments
the view from the makeshift editing suite

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